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Honoring the Undeniable Past

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Karen O’Keefe went to Medfield schools in grades 1 through 8. Today she’s a writer and columnist in Gaithersburg, MD. She writes here about the impression those years had on her, and have on today’s children.

You’re not special, teacher tells Wellesley High graduates. Everyone is.

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Wellesley High teacher David McCullough Jr’s outstanding commencement address

Picking Up Where We Left Off

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Why do the associations and friendships we make early in life seem to last the longest and mean the most to us?  — Walter Hersee ’72 on a recent informal “mini-reunion.”

Hello, 13

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“There are bonds with the kids you grew up with, then eventually grew away from. You remain the custodians of one another’s earliest memories – your shared piece of history that, in many ways, shapes the person you become.” — Sandra A. Miller in a Boston Globe article. Aug 21, 2011 

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