Mission Statement


Embodying a sense of pride and appreciation of traditions, Medfield High School empowers teachers to teach and students to learn.  Founded in 2008, the Medfield High School Alumni Association preserves a shared spirit and culture among present and future alumni.  The wide-ranging and diverse network of communication insures the unique ideas, long-lasting loyalty, and perpetual camaraderie of Medfield High School.


The Medfield High School Alumni Association will create an ongoing communication with fellow alumni and the present Medfield High School Community.  The association strives to develop professional relationships with Medfield High School and its alumni.

The goals of the Medfield High School Alumni Association are…

  • to develop a comprehensive database of all alumni.
  • to develop a website with an online newsletter regarding significant events in the lives of alumni and the present MHS community.
  • to assist with the planning and organization of reunions.
  • to organize regional and local social events.
  • to coordinate nominations for the Athletic Hall of Fame and the Distinguished Alumnus “Hall of Excellence.”
  • to develop a historic archive for Medfield High School, including a collection of memorabilia.
  • to provide undergraduate scholarships.
  • to provide an online network for career job placement and internships for MHS alumni.


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